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Worst Service EVER
I must say that was extremely disappointed in the service that I received from Debbie. I placed an order for two hoodies on February 3rd, which my mother went into the store and pick the colors out for on February 4th. The expectation was that the shirts will be ready to be picked up by February 10th no later than noon. My mother and I we're going out of town to an event and we're wearing the shirts to represent my business. Debbie told me at that there would be no issue with picking up the shirts before noon on the 10th. First issue, the shirts were not ready before noon on the 10th. My mother actually made several phone calls that morning to find out what time they will be ready, and every time she spoke with Debbie the time went back a little bit later, and a little bit later, and a little bit later. When we did finally get the shirts we noticed the stitching was off on one of the shirts. When my mom brought this to Debbie's attention she acted as if it was no big deal, but my mother was upset and concerned about how I would react as the shirts were to represent MY business. Come to find out she hadn't even started the shirts until that morning, so there was no time or allowance for any errors to be fixed. I called and spoke with Debbie, and we agreed that my mother could bring the shirt back the following Monday February 15th. My mom did return the shirt on February 15th to be fixed, and followed up with that following week. Debbie then told my mother that rather than undoing the stitching she had chosen to redo the shirt completely, but it would take a little bit longer because she was backed up on orders. Again we did not have a problem with this. My mom was told that she could pick up the shirt the following week, which was last week. Mom did not want to be bothersome so she did not call her last week; she waited until today. When she called and spoke with Debbie today she was told that she was going to do it yesterday, but she accidentally deleted the pattern. My mother paused and was silent, to which Debbie replied, "What do you expect me to do?" My mother responded, “Call me when it's done” and hung up the phone. After hanging up, my mother called me I'm to tell me what was going on and asked if it was okay to ask for a refund. I told her I was fine with that and to call me back and let me know how things went. Well she called me 30 minutes later and told me that when she called Debbie she did not have the opportunity to ask for a refund before that he told her that she was looking for my receipt because she (Debbie) didn't want to do business with her. She then proceeded to lecture my mother on the process of embroidering and what all it entails. Asking her do you know what it all is involved in embroidery? Well of course we don't know what it takes, that's why we hired you. This is your business and your chosen career. If we knew how to embroider we wouldn't have hired you. I then decided to take this situation into my own hands and call Debbie myself. I explained that I was very unhappy with the service that I received and not happy with the fact that I paid for product a month ago that I still have not received. I asked when I would be able to pick up my refund and was told that she would refund my money onto my card because that's how I paid. But she doesn’t know how to process a refund on a credit card so she had to look up how to do that. I stated that I expected my refund by the end of the week and up into this point I had planned on doing a lot of future business with her. Her response was I don't do orders that size. Personally I feel that if you do not want to have a successful business nor do you want business then why are you in business. If you don't want business nor do you want to do the job that you have chosen to be your career path then find something else to do or retire but don't be a jerk to the people that hire you to do that job.

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