Designer Spotlight #1 – Selene M Bowlby

Each week here at the Social Media Directory for Designers we will be selecting one member of the design community and featuring them in a designer spotlight. Going off of the information you have submitted to the directory, we will compile it to present in a post, as well as using your listed portfolios to find images to feature in your spotlight. So get your portfolio listed in the directory if it is not already so we can show examples of your work in your spotlight. Also, given that this is a social media directory, we will be selecting our featured designers based a bit on the number of directories they are listed in. We are not saying that you have to be listed in over half the directories to be considered for a feature, but if you are only in one directory, chances are, we will be featuring someone else.

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On The Social Media Scene – Security Issues

Alert! Seriously, folks, stay alert! The social media circuit seems to be under attack! Okay that may be a bit sensationalistic, but there has been a rash of security issues plaguing the social media scene as of late.

For instance, there is a worm spreading quickly around twitter right now. If you see tweets that say ‘OMG I just got over 1000 followers today from’ be forewarned to simply ignore it.

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Designer Spotlight #2 – Brad Colbow

Once again, we proudly present another installment of our weekly designer spotlight from the Social Media Directory for Designers. In the interest of moving towards the mission of the site, bringing the online design community closer together, we have compiled the second of our spotlights using the information submitted here at the directory. Remember, if you want to be featured here we need for you to enter your information in the portfolio directory so that we can showcase some of your work.

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The Design Community Bids Farewell to Design Float?

We here at the Directory are starting to think it’s time for the design community to give up on Design Float. As far as we know, everyone else may have already given up on it and we’re just a bit behind. But we kept holding out hope that it would return to the great site it once was. That is until we found out a few weeks back that it had been sold to an undisclosed buyer.

The site has been riddled with spam for the past few months and has been hacked numerous times. The latest hack infected the site with malware posing a threat to anyone who visits. The Design Float website has been infected for around 3 weeks now with no word from the owner about when or if it will be fixed.

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