On The Social Media Scene – Security Issues

And once again, friends and cyber neighbors, Design Float was hacked last week, infecting anyone who visited the site with malware. Something else that we learned from this article that we did not know, is that Design Float was sold in September of last year to an undisclosed buyer. Well, that sure explains the massive amounts of spam that has overtaken the site since then.

And unfortunately, the Facebook phishing scams do not seem to be slowing down at all. Remember, a good rule of thumb is to not enter your information into any 3rd party sites…and a good rule of finger, is give it to those who start these kinds of scams!

As a special treat we included in this post a few preview images of our latest social media icon set to be released soon as a freebie here at the Social Media Directory for Designers. If you don’t want to miss out on future freebies and articles, subscribe to the blog. This is a set using feedback from users who gave us suggestions following the post 50 Free Social Media Icon Sets for Your Blog.

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