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Directory For Designers:

A designer is that person who designs by specifying the structural properties of any design object. And designers will always work with specification from others. A designer works in various fields from architecture, fashion to interior designing but despite the variations in the field there are essentials that feature on all. A designer’s role is beyond the drafting board and is not just deciding on artistic rendering like some people tend to think. Artistic rendering is an element in a designer development but he needs to be of general capabilities since he will be receiving pertinent information from engineers, from marketers and the like. The ability of a designer should not be compounded in just the fact that he has graduated from a design school but rather he or she must be well rounded and able to grasp the whole picture of a presentation by picking up all the points presented and providing adequate information to his partners.

A design studio is the workplace of a designer or an artisan used in conceiving, developing and designing products. A design studio has no definite nature but it must contain the tools of trade of the designer.

How to Identify an Ideal Design Studio

Make sure the designers allow ideas from your perspective and insights which are to be fed to the team. Collaboration and understanding is paramount for the success of a project and this should be seen from the onset while trying to find a design studio, from the interview with the prospect. Try and get a design studio with a team that will help solidify your ideas especially the unstated assumptions made verbally but can be shared after having been evaluated and later acted upon. Sit with the team and on selling them your idea see how they can work around that and whether they are capable of generating more ideas that would improve on your original idea. An ideal design studio should take in criticism and honestly acknowledge a defect if pointed out and this can be seen when going through their portfolio and critiquing some of their concepts. And lastly after going through the reviews offered by real persons previously under their care, make a decision whether to engage their services or not.

How Does A Design Studio Work?

A studio will provide a process that would sketch, illuminate, critique and present a shared vision that would lead to a great piece of art. A studio will more likely guide the team and just like other practices it may follow a case study approach when faced with unique situations by clearly defining a problem that has been presented by the team or a client and aligning it with their objective. This ties down the team and checks on deviation from the original thought. Cycles in a studio are run individually and later for the whole team.

The average charging rate for a designer is $74 per hour but this could vary per project and per design studio and the level of expertise to be presented.

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